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 Three Simple Words

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PostSubject: Three Simple Words   Sat Jun 30, 2007 3:58 pm

Three Simple Words

You know it’s so funny how a whole life can change because of a couple of words that were said in a time period less than two minutes. A life of dull happiness can change to a world of sheer and utter unhappiness and even more regret that a person had started off with. It’s this kind of thing that can partially ruin a life. Three simple words changed Allison’s already denial ridden, bleak sad existence into something more real and harsh.

“He molested me”

Allison’s mother stared at her daughters grief ridden face before slapping her. Allison’s head swung suddenly to her left. She turned her shocked face back to face her mother’s eyes, which were full with anger and rage.

“Don’t you say anything like that again, you hear me? Your step father has done nothing but care for this family ever since he arrived here! He’s paid our bills, got us out of debt, and he’s paying for you school tuition! He even buys you expensive things! You are lucky to have him, and how do you repay him? You lie, you say horrible things that are wrong and untrue!” said her mother.

Allison couldn’t understand. Wasn’t her mother supposed to believe her? Wasn’t she supposed to hug her, say everything would be ok? Wasn’t she meant to the call the police and lock the perpetrator up in jail? Wasn’t the truth meant to set her free and then let her and her mother live happily from now on? Everything was all wrong. This wasn’t meant to be happening. Why? Allison didn’t get it and merely stared back at her mother in disbelief, her mouth slightly ajar, as she was going to say something but couldn’t find the words. She slowly shook her head.

“What? It’s not a lie!” said Allison with a shaky voice. Another slap came twice as hard as the previous one; Allison put her shaking hand on her reddening cheek.

“Watch your mouth girlie” her mothers tone was fierce and as Allison stared into the eyes of the women she found out she didn’t know, her own eyes began to water.

“Don’t you dare turn on the water works, you think that just because you can fake cry that means that I’ll believe your lies? Wake up to reality”

“No…” said Allison inaudibly. This is all so wrong. It’s not meant to be like this.

“What did you say?” said her mother.

“I said NO!” yelled Allison before she turned on her heel and ran for the front door of her house. She turned the handle and opened the door. She sprinted out and kept running until she felt like her legs were about to fall off, and her chest was about to explode. She ran into the nearest alleyway and sat behind a dumpster and began to cry. The tears just pouring out of her, she didn’t know what to do. Before, her life was just bearable and now she figured that it would’ve been best to keep her mouth shut. Try and just avoid it all, live in denial, for now she knew she couldn’t go back. She had no home, and she would have no education because she had no money. She was merely in grade 10, young and naïve and lacked experience in everything, except disappointment and pain. What was she to do?

Hey hey, hope you likey...I'm starting to think I'm one dimesional, seeing that I write mostly negative situations...Oh well. -_-

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Three Simple Words
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