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 Hizzle Owns All : The Afterworks Episode 4

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Lil Hizzle
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PostSubject: Hizzle Owns All : The Afterworks Episode 4   Tue Jul 10, 2007 3:37 am

Episode 4 - Wrath Of Yoman Pt. 4/Jimbo's Shop

Narrator - Hizzle and the crew walk down to go stop Yoman, but they pass a huge shop.

PP - OMG, a shop. There must be pie.

Hizzle - Thats a big ass shop.

swtshiya - I wonder what they sell there?

Meldecite - It must have a lot of stuff.

PKB - What the hell are we waiting for, lets go in.

Hizzle - Fuck yeah, lets go.

Hammm - Yeah, we hafta enter.

*The crew enters the shop*

All - Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guy - Hey, whats up everyone?

Hizzle - Yo, my name is Hizzle, what the hell do you sell here, its fucking huge.

Guy - My name is Jimbo Nerson, and I sell everything.

All - Everything?!?!?!?!

Jimbo - Yeah, what do you guys want?

Hizzle - Well, got any condoms?

All - Condoms?!?!?!?!

Hizzle - Whadda ya think I do when I go back to my place?

*Flashbacks to Hizzle in a party with a lot of females around him*

PP - Um.........

PKB - I want a new collar.

Jimbo - Up the aisle to 46.

*everyone is shocked*

Hammm - How many fucking aisles do you have?

Jimbo - 243 aisles.

Hammm - Holy shit!!!!!!

swtshiya - I need a collar to, to show that Meldy owns me.

Meldecite - Ahh, thats soo cute.

*Meldecite kisses swtshiya's cheek*

Hizzle - OMG, a .45 glock, leather grip.

Jimbo - Yeah and if you want, I can customize it for you.

Hizzle - Really?!?!?!

Jimbo - Yeah.

PP - Do you have any pie?

Jimbo - We have about 19 types of pie.

*PP's eyes open wide*

PP - Apple please.

Jimbo - Down aisle 55

Hammm - I want an I-pod.

Jimbo - Electronics are in the left.

*everyone is back and paying for their items*

Hizzle - Everyone set?

PKB - Yeah.

PP (while eating pie) - Mhmm.

swtshiya and Meldecite - Yes.

Hammm - Yup.

Hizzle - Alright, lets go.

Narrator - Will we ever see Yoman? Is everyone satisfied with their new items? Will the condoms come in handy? Stay tune for the next episode of "HOA: The Aftermath".


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PostSubject: Re: Hizzle Owns All : The Afterworks Episode 4   Tue Jul 10, 2007 5:37 am

lol that fucking rox
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Hizzle Owns All : The Afterworks Episode 4
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