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 Those two

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PostSubject: Those two   Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:19 am

She was alone,
Then he showed up.
Now she's happy,
like full filled cup.
He makes her happy,
So then shes okay.
That's when she's with him,
But not when hes away.
When they're together,
nothing will be wrong.
& her eyes light up
when she hears their song.
Her hearts been broken,
so many times before.
But he's her key,
to unlock the closed door.
They're so cute,
when they're together.
The way they laugh,
like being tickled by a feather.
They've done some things,
that you don't wanna hear,
But it better not get to far,
Thats what I fear.
They plan their future,
Their future together,
since they both,
will be forever.
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Those two
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