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 That guy.

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PostSubject: That guy.   Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:20 am

I get to see you,
almost everyday,
with so much to do,
not enough to say.
When you call me,
everysingle night.
It's kinda annoying see,
I need air and light.
But I like it,
It shows me you care,
But with you I dont fit.
Yet with you lifes fair.
That is until,
you don't stop when I say.
We both need to chill.
Take life day by day.
The only thing,
that really bothers me,
is you have to be king.
So my pain you don't see.
When you don't stop,
And you start to lie,
spray me with pop,
make me cry.
Sorry you'll say,
But then do it again,
It hurts me in a way,
I can't write with this pen.
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That guy.
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