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PostSubject: Alone   Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:21 am

So she sits here
in this same spot,
tears down her face
from everytime they fought.
Her hear breaks,
Her eyes water,
She's changed now,
not the same daughter.
As she sits there to think,
about him,
about her life,
how its bent like a rim.
She wants to end it,
right here and now,
th only thing to ask,
is how.
The pains so great,
and shes hurting so bad.
She can't do anything,
but cry and be sad.
But now she knows,
hes forgoton all about her.
She's never felt special,
now her visions a blur.
As he hurts her more,
she starts to break down
in her own tears,
she decides to drown.
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