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 New Permissions Arrangements! 07/10/07.

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New Permissions Arrangements! 07/10/07. Empty
PostSubject: New Permissions Arrangements! 07/10/07.   New Permissions Arrangements! 07/10/07. Icon_minitimeTue Jul 10, 2007 10:04 pm

As of today, Sempais and V.I.P. members are now allowed to edit their own messages in all forums except for democratic decisions. Also, these groups will no longer be considered moderators of their forums, however they will still have basic moderating powers. This change is due to Sectional Moderator status which allows as much as Global Moderator status, and is potentially harmful when concerning profile commenting, banning, and other more powerful moderating powers which may be abused by the lower moderator groups.

Sectional Moderators may be affected by this change as well. Though they are trustworthy, depending on the member and the Administrator which grants permissions, they may have group permissions or full permissions. In this case, a new rank has been made: Sub-Sectional Moderator. This is really in no way different from a regular Sectional Moderator, however Sub-Sectional Moderators may have restricted permissions for whatever reason.

In the end there is no real change of permissions, just a repair on flaws with the board and it's groups.


New Permissions Arrangements! 07/10/07. SUB
New Permissions Arrangements! 07/10/07. B_02b
New Permissions Arrangements! 07/10/07. 92
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New Permissions Arrangements! 07/10/07.
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