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 Site Updates! 07/15/07.

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Site Updates! 07/15/07. Empty
PostSubject: Site Updates! 07/15/07.   Site Updates! 07/15/07. Icon_minitimeMon Jul 16, 2007 6:04 am

Firstly I'd like to announce the new features you will find in your profiles:

- Online Status: This new feature allows you to show everyone that you are currently gone for a certain ammount of time. You may choose from a short leave, a medium leave, a long leave, or the announcement that you are leaving the site for good. Now everybody will know why you are not on and won't have to worry.

- Message From User: Unlike the extras text box, this allows you to leave a short personalized message for all of those who view your profile.

- BGM: Allows adding of music to your profiles. This feature is only possible through the administraion control panel, however all you have to do is PM an administrator a direct link to your music URL and we'll embed it for you! This, or you may post your request in the announcement in the General or Music forums, and an administrator will be sure to embed it for you when he or she comes on.

Secondly, you may have all noticed the new layout of the site! Yes, this time we have gone with a forest theme. The portal has also been updated to match the weekly changes. We also have four new affiliates added to our list. Be sure to check it out!

Thirdly, HTML links have been added to forum catagories. Now you will have the option of clicking on a catagory and having the ability to only view certain parts of the board that you're interested in without having a long window to scroll down to check for new posts.

Lastly, a few micellanious details:

A new rearrangement of permissions for guests has been made. This is nothing to worry about, as it is just a few forums that a wandering guest my need help and is able to post in.

The addition of the Native Tongue forum. A place to speak in other languages for a new twist.

Suggestions on our host's support forums have been made to improve the site. If you would like, you may create an account and help with voting in the polls, as they treat suggestions like democracies.

The Hentai Gallery has been wiped clean for a fresh new start. There seems to have been some misunderstandings among the members. All is well, the forum is only for those who would like to view it.

Some new smilies have been added for your enjoyment.

Expect some promotions and demotions with Moderators and Sempais soon. Mainly this is to give everyone a chance and find out who's most trustworthy.

Expect site games to be coming soon! No, not the arcade, but HTML embedded games that require actual work instead of tapping letters and arrows on your keyboards.

That's all for now! Enjoy!

Site Updates! 07/15/07. SUB
Site Updates! 07/15/07. B_02b
Site Updates! 07/15/07. 92
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Site Updates! 07/15/07.
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