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 Lets Swear in Spanish

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Lets Swear in Spanish Empty
PostSubject: Lets Swear in Spanish   Lets Swear in Spanish Icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2008 7:39 am

cheers lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! cheers
Lets Swear in Spanish Msigagiczb7

"Hoyo peludo, hasta en la oreja de una chancha" Saying "You can find a warm hairy hole [to fuck], even in the ear of a wildebeest"

amorsito, no queres probar una cuca canosa? Coming from and old guy to a young girl: Hey baby, wanna try swallowing a grey-haired dick?

Andá a acagar go to shit (to the bathroom)

balurde something shitty

beso mi culo kiss my ass

boludo (Argentina) idiot, stupid

Cabron Used as an Insult against Latin Men. Roughly translated to Fucker, Asshole, Dick.

Cabron! Bastard

cachimba vagina

cagar to shit

Cago en tu leche I shit in your milk.

Callate conson Shut Up annoying person

Capullo / gilipollas Asshole

chichis breasts

chimba pussy (colombian spanish)

chingar to fuck

Chingas tu madre Fuck your mom

Chingo tu madre en tu madre cachimba i fuck your mom in your mom's vagina

chorizo dick (lit. sausage)

chupa me la peha suck my dick

Chupa me, puto Suck me, asshole!

Chupame la pija blow me

chupame la turca suck the dick

chupar to suck

coger to fuck, (lit. to catch)
cojones balls, testicles,

come mierda eat shit

concha (Argentina) pussy

conchetumare Motherfucker

culear to fuck (Chile); culo= ass

culo ass

forro/a (Argentina) asshole, dickhead

hacete cojer go and get fucked

hijo de mil putas son of thousand bitches

hijo de puta son of a bitch

Hijo de puta! You son of a bitch!

huevos testicles (lit. eggs)

imbecil/estupido/idiota/inutil/dundo/baboso "stupid, idiot, imbecile"

joto faggot (mex.)

la cage I fucked up

ladron de mierda muthafucking thief

Laméme el orto Lick my ass

le voy a embarrar la cara de mierda a tu mama despues de culearmela i'm gonna shit on your mother's face and rub the dookie around, after i'm done fucking her

le voy a partir la chorcha a tu mama/hermana/novia i'll fucking rip through your mother's/sister's/girlfriend's vagina by ravaging it with my dick

lela dummy

mal parido "you were brought unto this world in a lower way than fecal matter"

Mariposa (Mex.) faggot (lit. butterfly)

Marricon faggot

me cago en la hostia i shit in the communion wafers

me cago en tu madre I shit on your mother

Mierde Shit

morite hijueputa die motherfucker (nicaraguan spanish)

ojala que mueras i hope you die

panocha pussy (extremely vulgar)

pelotudo (Argentina) idiot, stupid

pendeja, pendejo (Lit. pubic hair)

pendejo/pendeja (m/f) asshole, dickhead, etc.

perra bitch

pija dick

pinche fucking (sp?)

pinche puta Fuckin whore

poronga dick

puta (feminine) whore, bitch

puto (masculine) dickhead, asshole

Soplanucas neck blower

sorbeteamela perra lick the shaft of my penis as if it were an ice cream cone, you whore

tarado idiot, stupid, retarded

te odio i hate you

te pica la argolla del ano no way, you're crazy, that's impossible... literally it means "the rim of your anus is itching"

Te voy a culear con odio hasta que te salga espuma de las tapas I'm gonna fuck you with hate until foam starts coming out of your mouth (convulsing)

tirar to fuck (lit. to throw)

tu madre your mom

tu madre en cuatro patas con el gancho palpitando your mother on all fours with her pulpy vagina beating like a drum

Tu madre es una puta bieja Your mother is fucking old
verga dick (lit. broomstick)

zopupla slut

zorra whore
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Lets Swear in Spanish Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lets Swear in Spanish   Lets Swear in Spanish Icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2008 7:59 am

Heeeh? No Me Rompa Las Pelotaaas
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Lets Swear in Spanish
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