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PostSubject: Rambo   Rambo Icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2008 10:48 pm

Massive violence, the usual 'chick just gave me a necklace... wtf?' expression, and unintelligible babble of Stallone. Yep, Rambo came back and with a passion and vengeange to make up for the bloodshed he missed while away.

Did the man revive the REAL god of war right, or dig up a corpse and have it raped by an army of sweaty nerds like poor Rocky?

I say Rambo came back with bandana and boot up enemy ass just right once again. Gotta love a movie that has: 1. A WWII 'dud' bomb set off with a trap claymore wiping out a whole search party. 2. People cut in half with machinegun fire. 3. The gay(yes... pay attention, it's literally people) dictator cut in half by our man of muscle himself. lol

What more could we ask for?(I know someone will say boobs here, so ya... the chick was a missionary this time, YOU try getting away with a porn scene with a nun and see how that works. You'd be lynched. lol)

Also >.> reward for anyone who can send me a REAL copy of Rambo I can download, every limewire attempt is shit audio or the early copy with the company's name on the bottom. I will slap anyone who sends me those goofy movie-site links where every movie is in 2-4 segments. FUCK THAT!


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