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 Final Completion Of Forkheads Reloaded Updates 6/21/07.

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Final Completion Of Forkheads Reloaded Updates 6/21/07. Empty
PostSubject: Final Completion Of Forkheads Reloaded Updates 6/21/07.   Final Completion Of Forkheads Reloaded Updates 6/21/07. Icon_minitimeFri Jun 22, 2007 11:47 am

I promised to make this topic when it was done, so here it is.

I have finished the level making process. It now ascends to 100 levels. Not only that, but a special 101 level for those who manage to post 500,000 times, are allowed their own special level picture of their choice, which can be changed at any time as if it were a second avatar.

The changes to the background and header once a week has not been canceled, and will continue unless brought up in the democratic decisions.

Changes to icons and colors around the site have been made. These might also change as the background and header do.

As a reminder, I'd like to reannounce the rank of V.I.P., and anybody who would like to join may apply in the applications section. Global moderators are not allowed in that forum section by default either, as it reveals future events and other micellanious items you may want to keep as a surprise for yourself. The V.I.P. Lounge is really a recreation center for brainstorming new ideas and holding events and activities for the board. We welcome you all to try out if you'd like.

There has still been no word from Forkheads or Klacid when it will be back up. I am still getting news that he comes on but does not realize or perhaps is not able to fix the problem. This however shouldn't be of any worry since it's not like things are undoable. As long as it's down, I'd like to still ask everyone not to bring this site or anything remotely related to it on an enemy site such as Kuro-Share or other, wether or not the hacker might be from there or not, I do not want a war, and as long as there is peace, we can still keep posting on the boards until Forkheads is back up. Even after that, I do hope you don't reveal this secret board of ours.

Finally, I am still working on new improvements for the site, two of the biggest include the shops and embedding music in profiles and hopefully making them larger. It's hard to try and get MODs for the site, so please bear with me until then.

We'd like to thank all of you for being members of Forkheads Reloaded and supporting the site as much as you have now. I hope to see a better future for both of the sites and their members.

~Forkheads Reloaded Administration Team.

Final Completion Of Forkheads Reloaded Updates 6/21/07. SUB
Final Completion Of Forkheads Reloaded Updates 6/21/07. B_02b
Final Completion Of Forkheads Reloaded Updates 6/21/07. 92
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Final Completion Of Forkheads Reloaded Updates 6/21/07.
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