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 What's your best Oblivion char?

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PostSubject: What's your best Oblivion char?   Sat Sep 06, 2008 11:33 am

Razz I can only imagine that anyone who has owned the game has, at one point or another, made a custom class with their own pick of 7 primary skills. So which set-up do you think is the best? And what did you call it? Post your set of skills and any other notes you'd like to mention. Here's my current build:


The name of this build is "Nethermancer". Obviously this build is towards being a fighter/mage, and it's doing pretty damn well. Each skill is linked to one important stat (int, strength, endurance, speed, agil, will). My lvl ups kick ass, and I've been switching between heavy and light armor, so my magic is effective no matter what armor I wear. Also I've been doing a lot of random dungeons (just wandering around the map, going into mines and ruins and oblivion gates as I come along them), so I've gotten to lvl 20 in about 3 days of making this char. Gotta say I'm very pleased with his progress.
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What's your best Oblivion char?
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