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 Now this is the story...

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PostSubject: Now this is the story...   Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:00 am


wat up niggahs in da hood?

I be just some dood, yo chillin' and relaxin'
and bein cool

I'm too cool for school
cuz i make the rules
I kill you fools
hit you with park benches and stools

And I don't want none of this fried chicken crap
man, say some racist shit and you get a bitch slap
I'm to ghetto, my niggaz
cuz i shoot up all da wiggaz

all you geeks
and all you freaks
all you peeps
and all you creeps

ain't got nothin on me
I got so much bling so that you can't see
it'd be blingin in your eyes
it make a bitch cries

I got me mad skills
I play madden for thrills
shi- if it were a sport it'd pay my bills

and i can do the real thing too
but my my knee is bad foo'
and I got a condition
but aside from that reason
I'm a 100% athlete

shi- for fun, i be bangin hoes yo
all i need to do is go with the flow
and bitches flock to me
and they just jump on me
you geeks here got nothin on me gee
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Now this is the story...
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